Gods Grace

Lord I don’t know where to start
I want to mend the broken hearts
Want to give the blind their sight
Calm the fears and still the night

Their freedom was paid for so long ago
they toil because they do not know
The wages are death that is your law
It’s over now, there was NO flaw

The debt was paid, finished, fufilled
Now Grace and Righteousness you’ve instilled
But there are some who’ve contorted your words
And teach ” you must work at and earn the rewards”

They take your FREE GIFT LORD and twist it around
Adding their own laws and costs to confound
A wolf in sheeps clothing, you warned, but few see
The blind lead the blind, Mans theology

It can’t be that simple, they determined, not true
Freedom takes our control, and that just won’t do
God’s much more complex, “we figured it out”
Not ” the faith of a child”, hidden message, no doubt

But I’ll live in your freedom and give praise for your gift
And thank you unceasingly that I’m not still adrift
You paid in full for me, your blood colours me white
Forgiven forever and precious in your sight.

By CMJordan
July 11, 2013

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