Okay, I have a problem with all the current news casts focusing on missing aboriginal women and children.

Of course it is very important to try and find them.
Of course their families miss them.
I agree abductions and murders should not EVER happen!


If you google stats on ALL missing women and children in Canada per year the numbers are staggering.

There are thousands of missing women and children sometimes even per month that disappear. Ontario and BC appear to have the most even in the disappearance of males. And when you remove the run-away categories etc, the numbers are still horrible.
So then WHY? are the aboriginal bands trying to make it look like their 500+ in ? years is an injustice done to them?

The injustice is in the “act of the perverts doing this” is it not?

Every family (no matter what the culture) who has a missing person is devastated beyond belief.

They ALL want their daughters, wives, moms, aunts, sisters found.
They ALL miss them terribly and fear their demise.
They ALL want answers and action


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