Thoughts = Feelings

Thought causes feeling and /or belief.

Of course we all know this, right?


But in this world of instant everything and the constant bombardment of marketing ploys, devastating & pessimistic media releases, conflicting health studies, single parenting, and 2 parent working lifestyles we are totally exhausted and rightfully so.

Our thoughts run at a speed of hundreds per minute. How do we sort it all out? Can we sort it all out? Where do we start . . .?

Right Here!          Right Now!

First you must realize “YOU” are the one in control of your thoughts.

You have the option of dwelling on a thought or letting it go. You will never reach the answers you are looking for if you don’t start letting most of those thoughts go.

  • If your thoughts are running at 400 thoughts per minute (TPM) you will be: totally stressed out, irrational, anxiety attacks, overwhelmed, angry, short tempered,  forgetful, closed minded . . . what mind?   All you have is a tornado of unsolvable issues
  • If your thoughts are running 200-300 TPM you will be: agitated, on edge, snappy, bad mood, unfocused, minimal patience, confused easily . . .
  • If your thoughts are running 50-150 TPM you will be: rational, organized, on purpose, focused, easy going, able to see clearly, be aware of . . . understand and solve . . .
  • If your thoughts are 0-50 TPM you will be contemplative, open to your own wisdom and insights, calm, peaceful, aware of surroundings, ability to see, really notice what is right before you, grateful . . .

So here is our starting point. Just in realizing we have choice’s. We are in control of our own thoughts. If we let the negative thought go ( it is not real !!!  it’s only a thought, unless we act on it ) and concentrate on the positive thoughts only, life will improve almost instantly. In closing I’m going to leave you with a concept for contemplation:

Thought creates our Feelings

Feelings create  our Behavior

Behaviors create our Experiences

Experiences create our Reality

Hmmmmm . . . Might as well make it good thoughts you put all that effort into.


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