You already know all of this instinctivly.

I am telling you nothing new.

You just never really thought about it before.

That said, lets carry on!

You are totally in control of your own reality.

You build your own reality as you go along.

Your reality = Your experiences.

Your experiences, thoughts, feelings and behaviors are what determines your happiness/destruction in your life!

The world goes on as always: the grass grows, the sun shines, the weather changes, the rivers flow etc. . .

Only your experience changes !

Your past is nothing more than experiences you had once upon a time. Those experiences are gone, they don’t exist in the “present”, here and now.

They are just old ghostly memory vapors, good or bad, unless you chose to:

  • reach back and pull them up to the present,
  • dwell on them,
  • cause more feelings about them,
  • behave on those feelings  . . .and  . . .
  • create a new experience (in the present) from them.

Which is just silly and destructive, if they were negative experiences!

Being “present in this moment” is what keeps you grounded or anchored.

You are always only 1 thought away from making your “present” a positive experience or a negative experience. As each moment passes your ability to choose how your day will go is yours and only yours.

The situations and people you come across have nothing to do with it,

only how you choose to process it matters.

If it is a negative thought “let it go!”. Find yourself an anchor ( a few different thoughts, memories or future goals that make you happy or excited). Determine within yourself that you will trigger one of these anchors as soon as you start to think on a negative or bad memory, experience or thought.  Think on the good anchor or trigger and blow off negative ones immediately. It may take some practice but it’s worth it!

It is “only” a thought.    

It is “not” real in the present (yet)    

You can replace it.  

Only You can take that thought all the way to becoming reality!

Lets say it’s your day off, you get to sleep in, and your looking forward to it.

The phone rings at 7 am. Someone needs a ride to the Drs at 7:30 their car broke down.

You chose to take them. You hit every red light that could possably exist getting there.

Now, headed back home the guy in front of you slams on his brakes for “no apparent reason”. You don’t hit him but almost.

Once home you head for the shower, no water ??? You phone utilities, wait 10 min on hold, water won’t be turned on till after 2pm.

Are you still with me?

How’s your day so far????

For a great deal of people they are well on the way to having the worst “day off” ever. Now theyexpect the rest of the day to be a disaster and of course will notice only the negatives that present themselves for the rest of it.

What if: you fell asleep on the couch while waiting for the water, chances are you would wake up, sun is shinning, waters on, the world is a better place . . . What changed? The world didn’t change, only your thoughts changed.

What if: you had choosen to not dwell on the negatives as they happened that morning? If you had been thankful your car was still working (unlike your unfortunate friends), you were listening to the songs and announcer on the radio (instead of dwelling on red lights), You had looked around and saw the toddler that got away from mom (instead of cursing and blaming the. . .  in front of you),  you had accepted the water situation and taken advantage of it by going out for breakfast, your morning would have been a great one.

  • Life is not in the circumstances we come across, but in the way we chose to deal with the circumstances.
  • The outcome and experience of our life is totally in our control.
  • We can not blame anyone else for the results we recieve.
  • After all, everyone else is very busy building their own realities too!




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