Take eat this is MY Body, yes, I died for you 
I cleared all your calamities and every sin you’d do
MY Grace, covers you completely, no more Laws to live up to
Drink deeply from this cup, and know, I did it just for you

Adams sin condemned mankind, death the price to pay
I paid that debt up on a hill and it covers you today
Freedoms yours , MY Grace abounds
MY Death tore down that wall
Come walk with me and claim your place
I offer it to all

As MY Father looks upon YOU, MY Blood, is all HE sees
Pure and White and Spotless and with this, HE is well pleased
HE longs to hold you close, under the shadow of HIS wing
You can NOT earn your entrance
No matter what YOU bring

There is “NO condemnation”,  on those who follow ME
No judgement, now, or ever, my Death has set you free
A New Covenant of Grace, I give you, to replace the one of Law
Adams choice, condemned all man. 
MY choice, Released you all

CMJordan 2014

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