To My Children

To ALL my Children, I Love you so much.

I thought it might be helpful to you if I dropped you a note to help you with some of the things we have discussed over time.

Maybe this could also be a reminder of just how special God made you and help you to seek and find the joy, freedom and restoration He has planned for your immediate future.

(of course you don’t have to seek anything, it’s up to you.)

In regards to your siblings: God created each of us exactly as we needed to be, period.

  • We can not EVER improve on that (even though the world, personal acquaintances and sometimes siblings might try to deceive you into believing otherwise. )  
  • He gives each of us different talents, gifts, minds, bodies. There are no 2 alike but each is perfect for the recipient. (God does not make mistakes nor is He forgetful).
  • You need to accept what He has given you and know you have a great place in this world, as well as, a job to do that NO-ONE else can do, as you are the one He created for it.
  • It does NOT matter what someone else; Owns, Believes, Feels is right, Thinks, Does or Doesn’t do, Likes or Doesn’t like. Trust HIM you have all the tools you need to accomplish fantastic things in this world and He provides you with “what” you need “when / as” you need it.
  • Be very grateful for what you have right now this moment and forget whatever and whose-ever standards you might be trying to reach (they are not yours and they will never fit right nor give you any peace).
  • Write a list of what your perfect life would be,  and know it will be just that if you keep your eyes and thoughts focused on your end result and not on the hiccups that appear to be threatening your dream.
  • eg: debt free, own a lakeside cabin, married to my perfect soulmate, healthy, painting landscapes that sell for big money, travel whenever I want …
  • Write a list of all your great qualities and what you are grateful for then tape it on your mirror to remind you of how special and loved you truly are.   e.g.; awesome hair, nice shape, sparkling eyes, health, sense of humour, empathetic, helpful, caring…,  grateful for my home, children, my job, my talents and gifts, my health, immune system …
  • Accept the negatives that WILL happen in your life  (they are only hiccups) then let them go !!! Don’t dwell on them or you will lose sight of your goal. Know that it is just a minor stone you stumbled on but is done now. Quickly re-focus on your end goal (your perfect life) continue on your journey with only thoughts of the joy and peace you will have when you reach that goal.

The BIBLE,  and all the worlds greatest  Philosophers agree that :

We get what we believe and We become a conglomeration of what we think about,

(see with our eyes, do with our hands, say with our lips, and where we go with our feet) from conception till death.  

The Bible says it is better to take out your eye…, cut off your hand… etc (than let them cause you wander), as well as, whatsoever things are pure, just and of good report, (think on these things).

Gods word is not just a bunch of words. It is an instruction manual for His Creation.

Just like the ones you get every time you buy some item created by man

Remember no one knows how to get the best function from something better than person who built it to begin with.

All My Love Forever


CMJordan, 2015

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