Everything on this earth was at some point… Someones imagination

Within… you will find Terms /Names such as : Creator, Divine Source, God, Lord, LORD, Holy Spirit.

They are all interchangeable and are only Names of the SAME Spirit.


An apple by any other name you can find on this globe is still an apple.


I AM …a spark of the Creator’s Spirit implanted in a human form.

Ephesians 4:6 NSAB

…one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all.

HE did not say: some, a few, or the chosen… HE said ALL

So what does “ALL” leave out?

The difference lies in whether we ignore that Spirit or nurture it.

He also gave us free will

The form I arrived on this earth in (baby form) does not even exist anymore!… and neither does any other forms I have inhabited since… toddler, adolescent, teen, young adult…

Not one cell exists anymore as they did at that point in time. They have returned to dirt and dust.

Everything on this earth stays on the earth. (unless we as human form have moved it around within the universe). Nothing leaves, but the particles become enveloped in new matter.

All matter is nothing more than energy particles …arranged…

BUT the Spirit (the REAL us) within these forms existed before the Forms , and will continue to exist after the form is no longer the form we know and use.


(Edge God Out)

Thoughts and concepts of self. Acquired from the judgements and standards of the world we live in.

Our value, importance, rights and accumulations is what we have been told = US


Because that is what our teachers in life were taught and so on and so on and so on, all the way back in time as far as you can go.

Those ideals constantly change and always have but for some reason we don’t question this.

We ignorantly let the judgements of others and their made up social or acceptable ideals define who we think we are. But are we…?

If we are our profession, what are we when we no longer have that profession?

If we are our accumulations, who are we when they are stolen,  broken or given away?

If we are our bank balances, who are we if at some point they dwindle or cease to exist?

If we are our trophies, awards and recognitions…

If we are our bodies…

If we are our looks…

If your identity is wrapped up in any of the above you have chosen a very fleeting identity indeed.

Your identity then is your EGO. But that is NOT a TRUTH!

None of the above will last, it will all dissolve or change and you will find yourself with no identity at all. No purpose… Void of meaning or usefulness…

Which would then mean, when your Form ceases to breath you don’t exist anymore…

The real you is your Spirit and Soul.

You always have been and always will be. You are on a round trip, so to say

The “real” you is a spark of the creator himself, put into the seed that HE also created to become your human form.


Call Him what you will… Your belief will not change it and neither will your lack of belief.

It is what it is.

If you don’t believe in AIR because you can’t see it does that mean there is no such thing?

If you don’t believe in Gravity because you can’t see it does that make it ineffective?

Most of the Laws of nature are unexplainable and intangible but they “are” anyway, with or without OUR stamp of acceptance.

We have been trained and taught since childhood to ignore the spark. 

We were told it is childish, imaginations, not logical or relevant… fantasy. “

It is the unseen realm…with no foundation of reality and is a waste of time…?“

Just daydreams” they say. “Not real” ! Commanding to us to stop this nonsense and think only in the box they have provided and taught us existed as real life!

A few throughout time have refused to conform to these deceptions and manipulations.

We know them as history”s brilliant minds, creators and accomplishers.

They daydreamed anyway and in doing so manifested great unseen, unknown impossibilities to our physical earth. Things such as Electricity, Telephones, Airplanes, Rocketships computors, cellphones, Internet… The vehicle you drive… the house you live in…The exotic meals you eat… the business you work in… someone first dreamed and kept focused on the dream till they manifested it to become…  part of reality.

Temporary…? Yes but useful, pleasurable and accepted as reality now till another dreamer comes along and expands, improves and alters it manifesting a newer, bigger, better, more functional reality for us to experience.

All were nothing more than someones imagination at one point in time.

They are now tangible because the “day dreamers” refused to accept the BOX of limitations as reality.

Everything on this earth was created!

Either by the Creator himself or the spark of himself that was nurtured and acknowledged by the Form he planted himself into on this earth.

That spark in you holds all the wisdom, all the knowledge and all the power of the ultimate Creator and with it you can create all your imaginations & dreams into reality on this earth.

But you have to recognize it and it’s Source.

You have to nurture it and empower yourself with it. You need to see past the vain, uselessness of what you have been taught is reality ( for it is really just someone else’s dream that was nurtured.)

Can you imagine if… we all understood this…

Everything on this earth was  FIRST,  just Someones imagination until they created it and made it tangible

Either GOD himself (the ultimate Creator) or man (with GOD) created ALL that exists

CMJordan, 2015

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