My Journey thru “The Impersonal Life” #1



TODAY is the first day of the rest of your life!

You have no past to live up to…

I ABSORBED some words Yesterday.

I did not listen to them, I HEARD

I did not look at them, I SAW

I did not think on them, I WAS CONSUMED by them

I became, as the substance in a washing machine.

As each bubble bursts, having completed its task, I absorb the fresh air and new light from where the grime has been washed away


And Know 


It was coffee break…

Only a half an hour long but the beginning of a journey  “I knew”,.. had put to death the “Me”, I thought I was.
My soul stirred…at first a very large whirlpool slowly swirling above me, then forming a funnel, it penetrated ,every cell of my body, to the depth of my innermost being.
As it reached the soles of my feet, it spontaneously shot outwards, consuming the ground under me as a gigantic firework flattened. Shooting out in an ever enlarging illuminated circle of projected light beams full of energy and power…
All thought dissipating… My heartbeat slowing to a new serenity… My awareness tuning to the whispering music of the trees…. soothing my existence…
With new found freedom, the fallen leaves were skipping and playing on the sidewalk beside me.
The gentle caress of  tepid wind cleansing and empowering as it flowed over my face, my neck my hair, my hands… and ever so gently billowed my clothing.

I AM ready LORD…. It’s time

Herein lies my quest as I submerge.

CMJordan, 20/07/2015

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