My Journey thru the “Impersonal Life” #4


Judgements cause Destruction

We all have our judgements (we have no right to judge ) but we do anyway.
We spend our lives trying to rise above and be better than those who caused us pain but really we pass it on. Maybe in a different way but destruction of the Soul is destruction of the Soul.
We destroy and tear down the real person within these bodies with borders, disciplines, words, anger, judgements and actions.
We were all born to live lives connected directly to the Creator but almost from birth, have to build walls and fall in line with societal norms, parental ideas obtained from past generations and an ever-changing social norm and try to figure out how to fit into this world.
What part of us is acceptable? What part of us is encouraged?,
Unfortunately for most of us “not much of the real us was allowed”. So we give up our true selves and concentrated on trying to be what everyone else thinks we should be from our parents to our…
The rare ones who have been allowed to be whatever their Spirit brought out are the Greatest Creators, Thinkers and Philosophers of History. No-one told them they couldn’t, shouldn’t or ….
The rest of us , tired of the fight, gave up and gave in. We have always known of our real selves deep within… We “daydream” about our perfect lives, We ponder the what ifs, We know we were meant to be and do more but fear of rejection and the unknown keep us safely in our cocoon never searching… just dreaming.
The # 1 thing regretted most by dying people in a multitude of surveys and books was they wished they had done what they wanted and knew they were meant to do.
Let me ask you… If you knew you had 5 years to live from this day, period, end of your story… What would you do with the next 5 years?
What do you want written on your gravestone?
What do you want people to be remembering about you from that point on?
I wrote a poem many years ago then updated it a few years back. I leave you with it to ponder…

If tomorrow wasn’t yours

And you knew of it today

What things would you do differently

What things would you not say

Who would you ask forgivness from

And who would you repay

If tomorrow wasn’t yours

And you knew of it today

If tomorrow wasn’t theirs

And you’d known of it today

Would you have talked a little softer

Would your priorities have changed

Would you have loved a little harder

Let the small things pass right by

Yes, it can happen, just that quick

Death is not a Lie



Still have not reached chapter 2. The next post to follow this will be my journal of my journey so far. It is lengthy as I unleashed some insights ,as well as, Feelings in my own life thus far that I had no idea resided in me. I debated posting BUT feel it is necessary for other souls that can relate to know they are not alone.

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