1st of 3


A Purpose Driven Life they say
What is my purpose anyway?
Should I write?
Should I sing?
What are my talents?
What do I bring?

I love my job, my family too
My house, my car, I’m blessed, it’s true
Why the void ?
What will fill?
This empty space
inside me still?

The quest all mankind seeks to solve
until answered, will revolve
around the mind
through the soul
The answer needed
to feel whole

The battle deep within goes on
The many things we tried, long gone
Will I die?
Before I find?
What’s wrong with me ?
That I’m so blind?

So here it is, a little clue
So simple, yet profoundly true
Don’t look for things
through clouded eyes
It is an action
found inside.

2/3 coming soon
CMJordan Sept 15, 2015

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