The purpose is the same for all

Unique to each, as leaves that fall

No 2 the same

Yet 1 the word

To follow through

Seldom heard

But live your purpose and you’ll find

Peace of Spirit and of Mind

No thought of self

No social norm

The action silent

Calms a storm

Some will linger, for some more

Some in fear, will close the door

The day feels brighter

Calm and still

No one but you

This task will fill

You need to trust, within yourself

You know you can’t, sit on the shelf

Without you…

It remains undone

Sad but True

No-one Won

So search real deep for strength and see

Experience makes you “you” and me “me”

Take the action

And just add you

A better world

We’ll all pass through

3/3 coming soon

CMJordan, Sept 21, 2015

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