UNWIND THE LORD says… from this ego you hold

YOU… are not “it”…. let my TRUTH unfold.

You are one Cell… With a PURPOSE so vast

Awaken MY Child… RELEASE all things Past.

Your FORM is not lasting

Your needs are displaced

The things you hold dear

Will soon vanish… no trace

Ego is fickle… empty with lies

It serves you no purpose …to follow… unwise

It blinds you to REAL… keeps your focus on you

Peace won’t be found there…Neither will TRUTH

I AM within… you ‘re a CELL of MY whole


There’s NO separation… between Me and You

Except that your ego… won’t let ME through

Your mind created… its self righteous stand

Closed tightly the door… to what I have planned

Only you have the Key… to open and see

The ONENESS of truth…

I AM in you …You are in ME

CMJordan Oct 1, 2015

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