All it would take is a WAR or FIRE


What an odd and impossible statement

ALL it would take is a “WAR”

to prove

Within 24 hrs hours you would know, that “all you own…  &  all you are…

is “Mind & Spirit”

The biggest DANGER lies in a belief that you can or do possess, anything other than yourself.

There is nothing outside “you” that you can control. You can manipulate certain things for a short period but you cannot own them, nor control them. That is mere illusion….

You can present to the world your wisdom, your experiences and your actions.

You can teach and enlighten all you meet in your walk through life.

You DO own your “words”. Your words have the power to build up or destroy everything around you, even your own Spirit

All the answers you will ever need in life are already inside you … and has been since the day you arrived. You are …. whoever you have “chosen” to be through your added experiences,  beliefs, choices and actions.  No-one and nothing else determines YOU

You create what you want, what you have and who you are presented as…whether subconsciously or consciously. But you contain, hold or own NOTHING outside of your mind. Even your body changes without your say so…

You are not your possessions

(although you may have put all your energies and focus into gathering them) you do not possess or control them. They can be stolen, broken, burned or disappear in an instant .

What makes you think you have any control of them?

Who are YOU without them???  You WILL be without them somewhere down the road so does that mean YOU cease to become YOU once you have seen proof you never owned them in the first place?

You are not your career or titles, bank account or social status

… and it is detrimental to your life that you do NOT consider them as such.

If the economy crashes and your status no longer exists…?

If you experience an accident or disease… ?

If your bank is forced to close with all your money in it…?

If your children, spouse… die and your status within your family is now past tense…?

Do you cease to have value or worth?

Your accumulations and status serve “no-one” but YOUAnd they are NOT lasting… 

You are the only YOU ever to ever touch this earth

You  are unique and very needed.

You have…,and have always had… a purpose beyond self.

Without YOU and your insights, wisdom and true power there is a HOLE,  that will never be filled, and the world will miss out on what could have been.

You have the power to inspire, encourage, teach and serve this place called earth with your talents, wisdom, abilities and insights.

You have the power to create all that is needed to live a REAL life full of joy, freedom, and inspiration for yourself and to serve by teaching others what YOU have discovered.

Leaving a Legacy for all to enjoy and learn from throughout time.

But if you are only here to accumulate stuff and status for “SELF”…

You have missed the whole point of your existence and when you no longer have access to your ideals…,  you “WILL” fall HARD.

“It Is, What It Is”


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