What Do I Want?

What do I want?… I want to know

As deep within, emotions flow.

I want to understand this time.

Help? Clarity? Peace of mind?

Do I want, to run the show?

Do I want, to just let go?

Do I want, to dance or sing?

I know, I could do anything.

Do I want, revenge or power?

Do I want, to hide and cower?

Do I want, to stand here strong?

Or back away from what I long?

Love, Acceptance, be a part…

Is what I hear deep in my heart.

To just belong, to find my place,

To find the courage to run this race.

To live with purpose, be set free

From prisons, that are holding me.

To smash the walls, to break the ties,

That strangle me, with all the lies.

I built this dark cell of despair,

Then claimed it as my own.

It is my choice, which path I take,

The repercussions…, mine alone.

CMJordan, 06/ 2016

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