My thoughts on Addiction

Jesus & Peanut Butter



We ALL are addict’s!

Dictionary definition: addict
1 stealing money for your next high, just like the addicts out in the street | a barbiturate addict: abuser, user, drug addict; informal junkie, druggie, -head, -freak, pill-popper, dope fiend.
2 informal skiing addicts: enthusiast, fan, lover, devotee, aficionado; informal freak, buff, nut, fiend, bum, junkie, fanatic, maniac.

I find it ridiculous that the actual “formal” definition is relative only to drugs and alcohol.

Who decided that?
On what basis?

Addiction is whatever coping skills we personally choose “thinking” it helps us cope with stress in our lives and makes us feel better (usually followed with some remorse).

Shopping addict – more junk stored, more debt, less money
Food addict – more weight gain or loss issues.
Sugar addict …
Smoker …
No matter what the addiction is, they all have consequences to our physical/mental well being.
They ALL weigh down the financial and medical system, yet boost the economy.

There is a distinct difference between a NEED and a WANT.

But most of us will rationalize in our own mind that our “wants” are, our needs. Thereby excluding, our own specific addictions as “not relevant” in the category.

We NEED: Food, Shelter, Clothing.

We WANT: Everything else.

If we want, to the point of “have to have”… it has become an addiction.
Bigger house, more toys, beat the Jones, bigger bank account, more recognition, higher rank, freakier hair, longer nails, stronger, better, newer, …

Although each of us states: “I am in control.” “I can do without ___ ? “
CAN we? DO we? Rarely unless forced to, by something outside ourselves.

Why then have we chosen to BRAND addict and addiction on a select few?

Because it isn’t “OUR” choice of addiction ?

How is any addiction less detrimental than another ?
The final result is only in the time factor.

All addictions could or have:
– landed us in need of physical and mental medical attention.
– Homeless/ jobless ? Divorce, Act of Nature, Bomb, stock market plunge, bank closure, lack of adequate insurance, over insurance, … could drop you on your ass in a split second.

In closing I would suggest… that there are a great deal more “closet” drug and alcohol addicts than there are homeless ones.

They are usually the ones that condemn the loudest and hardest.

Remember… tomorrow is another day, and at one time, most of them were standing right where you are now.

Personally… I am addicted to Jesus & peanut butter, the rest are way to numerous to mention…

CMJordan 2017

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