Day 2…lol, 4 months later

OK, forget the copywriting thing (see Day 1 post).

NOT my thing, BUT I have a few books almost finished and many articles written that I want to put up on a website to help those who struggle with everyday life issues.

Example: How to …

  • Make your Money go farther
  • Find more time in your day
  • Increase your space, right where you are
  • Re-unite with your Peace, Passions and Rest
  • Re-prioritize & Evaluate Life
  • and many many more…

I have bought the name I want for my site: “Basic Simple Solutions . com” and have been trying for 2 years to figure out how to set up the site. To date, I have enrolled and bought 3 different courses that are supposed to make setting up a site easy… NOT!    I am a hands on, in my face learner. I struggle with just written info that assumes you know what they are talking about and no-one to talk to with questions. Yeah they all have their FB groups to help each other and e-mail address’ to send in your questions BUT rarely does anyone answer the questions cause they end up 30 questions down very quickly and few bother to scroll that far. If someone can answer right after you post  you are golden, but if not your left in the dark.

I am not sure where to go anymore :(. I do not have a few thousand extra to throw out there on someone professional to help me. Plus I want to be able to fully understand and therefore be able to change stuff within my site by myself. Not be dependant on having to have more money to get my website designer to do it… months later.

All I want is a site I can

  • post my “help” and “how to” articles on
  • promote a few items and materials that have helped me (affiliates)
  • make my own books available for sale
  • have an e-mail attached to the site for giving/getting feedback
  • have a group or membership part where all regularly active, interactive, correspondence can take place between other likeminded members who want to work together, all of us helping each other. (lol, DISCLAIMER: I don’t have ALL the answers :))

My ultimate goal is to reach all those who really need this help to get life on track on any level. As a single mother of 7 for the last 22 years I have much to offer in living life to the max with a great deal less than the world thinks possible. I am hoping the site might also give me a passive income through promoting exceptional value products and my books (under $5) –  (combined info from site in one place (each book organized by topic).

I “physically” need to retire by 2020, and am hoping to supplement my Government Pension as I have no other means of income. My income in life was spent raising seven children as sole income earner and the education required to do so. I only have 2 debts in life, education and vehicle but Government pension is not enough to make those payments, and live life. My actual living cost is barely more than one of these payments, I need very little to live life joyfully. But until I get my 2 debts paid off I can not come close to retiring from my physical job unless I can figure out another source of income.

So why this post? It is my blog… sometimes I need to just get down in words, what I am trying to figure out. As crazy as it sounds, I will look at this in a few days and may see my own answer to the dilemmas of life. This site is public but is not promoted or internet engine savvy in any way. A grand total of 1900 people have found one or two of my 44 posts since 2012.     Hahah… I haven’t any idea how to make it be found nor do I care to with this site. This is my personal space to let go, yet keep a record of, vs. a million pieces of scrape papers and napkins scribbled on (I have bins full of). I love to share my thoughts as well and am thrilled that 1900 people have seen something I have written ??? But I do not have a need to try and make sure as many as possible see.

Anyway… an end to Day 2… 4 months later.




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