A Vessel

I follow you

I seek what’s true

In everything

I say and do.

Heal the sick

Mend the heart

Awaken the Spirit

From the Dark

Fill with Peace

Touch with Love

All who need

Grace from Above

Open the eyes

Unplug the ears

Soften the Soul

Dry the Tears

Not long now 

Till you will call

All your Children

Big and small

And those left standing

Will then see

The truth we knew 

 …”being set free”

Some will, then follow

Some will, then run

Inside they know 

It’s just begun

And as time does

It will march on

Until at last

It will be Dawn

They’ll join us too

When again,  You come

And all will sing

Completed. Done.

CMJordan April 14, 2018 

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