Jump out of that Box

I’ll try, to explain here

My life, in this box

Alone and discouraged

No future, all lost

Compare me to most

I’m unfocused, I’ve failed

Don’t reach, all their goals

My self worth unrailed

I joined them believing

I don’t make the grade 

Success not my forte’

Dreams down, I had laid

But then…  I found… likeminded,

Who knew?

They dream in multiples 

Just like I do

Their joy is discovery,  then just walk away

Onto new visions, no matter the day

Once understood… no more need… it’s quite boring

So onto the next quest… curiosity soaring

Creative, inventing, resourceful and wise

Contemplations run deep, there’s a light n their eyes

Some call them scanners or renaissance souls

Jumped out of that box, YES! “I’m one of those”

I soar in my freedom, no limits, unbound

Theres so much to try, so much I’ve not found

No stopping me now, I’m have Peace in my Soul

I’m not less than any, I’m 100% whole.

CMJordan Sept, 2018

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