I Expected…

I expected you to call

I expected you to see

I expected you would know by now

I expected… just for me


You really broke my heart today

You really made me mad

You really blew it this time

And now I sit here sad


You never really listened

You never really cared

You never really saw me

It really made me scared


“I “never ever had the right

To decide who “you” should be

“I’m” full of my own limitations

“I“ took them, from the life I see


“I’m” the one, who broke “my” heart 

You, are just being you

We’re both consumed with “me, my, I”

Blinded by the truth


You have not walked in my life

and I’ve sure, not walked in yours

We’ve no right to expect anything

Except our self made wars


If disappointed, we must be

We’ve done it to ourselves

Pack up, your expectations

And file them on the shelf


See those all around you 

They have their prisons too

Be the space, where they feel safe

Acceptance is the glue


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