My thoughts on Addiction

Jesus & Peanut Butter



We ALL are addict’s!

Dictionary definition: addict
1 stealing money for your next high, just like the addicts out in the street | a barbiturate addict: abuser, user, drug addict; informal junkie, druggie, -head, -freak, pill-popper, dope fiend.
2 informal skiing addicts: enthusiast, fan, lover, devotee, aficionado; informal freak, buff, nut, fiend, bum, junkie, fanatic, maniac.

I find it ridiculous that the actual “formal” definition is relative only to drugs and alcohol.

Who decided that?
On what basis?

Addiction is whatever coping skills we personally choose “thinking” it helps us cope with stress in our lives and makes us feel better (usually followed with some remorse).

Shopping addict – more junk stored, more debt, less money
Food addict – more weight gain or loss issues.
Sugar addict …
Smoker …
No matter what the addiction is, they all have consequences to our physical/mental well being.
They ALL weigh down the financial and medical system, yet boost the economy.

There is a distinct difference between a NEED and a WANT.

But most of us will rationalize in our own mind that our “wants” are, our needs. Thereby excluding, our own specific addictions as “not relevant” in the category.

We NEED: Food, Shelter, Clothing.

We WANT: Everything else.

If we want, to the point of “have to have”… it has become an addiction.
Bigger house, more toys, beat the Jones, bigger bank account, more recognition, higher rank, freakier hair, longer nails, stronger, better, newer, …

Although each of us states: “I am in control.” “I can do without ___ ? “
CAN we? DO we? Rarely unless forced to, by something outside ourselves.

Why then have we chosen to BRAND addict and addiction on a select few?

Because it isn’t “OUR” choice of addiction ?

How is any addiction less detrimental than another ?
The final result is only in the time factor.

All addictions could or have:
– landed us in need of physical and mental medical attention.
– Homeless/ jobless ? Divorce, Act of Nature, Bomb, stock market plunge, bank closure, lack of adequate insurance, over insurance, … could drop you on your ass in a split second.

In closing I would suggest… that there are a great deal more “closet” drug and alcohol addicts than there are homeless ones.

They are usually the ones that condemn the loudest and hardest.

Remember… tomorrow is another day, and at one time, most of them were standing right where you are now.

Personally… I am addicted to Jesus & peanut butter, the rest are way to numerous to mention…

CMJordan 2017

Thanksgiving Song

Thanksgiving Song

My Father, my Saviour, my Teacher, my Guide

Surrounds me. Protects me. He stays by my side.

Fills me with Wisdom, Knowledge and Love

Points all things to Jesus, and my home far above

Provides for my needs and fills me with Peace

Rest is His mission. He is my release.

There’s NO condemnation, no guilt and no shame.

He paid the debt. I am free in His name.

No ills can reach me, I’m under his wing

He is my everything, that’s why I sing:

Forever I follow, forever I stand

All praise directed to the great I AM

Grounded in Peace, my Lord has a plan

CMJordan Oct 7, 2017


(stand back… don’t just look…see… Bet you missed the point of the “tree” pic)

Right in the middle of my step

A frozen pain within me lept

I reach behind to hold on tight

There’s no relief, what is my plight?

My mouth gapes open…Silent screams

Not one can help me now, it seems

Someone reaches… grabs my hand

Don’t pull, Don’t touch, is my command

With time and breath, this too will pass

Move very slowly… your no young lass.

CMJordan/Jan2017   Think maybe the tree has sciatica?

Black or White

Life is never Black or White,

As the old saying goes.

And I am grateful beyond words,

For the red… that’s in a Rose.

The pink and yellow, purple too

You find inside a sunset hue

For Black and White would be so cold

The boredom would so quick, Grow old.

And so the same, if life were such

With guarantees in all we touch.

Variety needed, to keep us free

Challenge us, with all we see.

From change and turmoil we do grow,

Ability to plant and sow

Then reap wisdom, insight, pain

A life that’s lived, is what you gain

CMJordan, Oct/2016

What Do I Want?

What do I want?… I want to know

As deep within, emotions flow.

I want to understand this time.

Help? Clarity? Peace of mind?

Do I want, to run the show?

Do I want, to just let go?

Do I want, to dance or sing?

I know, I could do anything.

Do I want, revenge or power?

Do I want, to hide and cower?

Do I want, to stand here strong?

Or back away from what I long?

Love, Acceptance, be a part…

Is what I hear deep in my heart.

To just belong, to find my place,

To find the courage to run this race.

To live with purpose, be set free

From prisons, that are holding me.

To smash the walls, to break the ties,

That strangle me, with all the lies.

I built this dark cell of despair,

Then claimed it as my own.

It is my choice, which path I take,

The repercussions…, mine alone.

CMJordan, 06/ 2016

All it would take is a WAR or FIRE


What an odd and impossible statement

ALL it would take is a “WAR”

to prove

Within 24 hrs hours you would know, that “all you own…  &  all you are…

is “Mind & Spirit”

The biggest DANGER lies in a belief that you can or do possess, anything other than yourself.

There is nothing outside “you” that you can control. You can manipulate certain things for a short period but you cannot own them, nor control them. That is mere illusion….

You can present to the world your wisdom, your experiences and your actions.

You can teach and enlighten all you meet in your walk through life.

You DO own your “words”. Your words have the power to build up or destroy everything around you, even your own Spirit

All the answers you will ever need in life are already inside you … and has been since the day you arrived. You are …. whoever you have “chosen” to be through your added experiences,  beliefs, choices and actions.  No-one and nothing else determines YOU

You create what you want, what you have and who you are presented as…whether subconsciously or consciously. But you contain, hold or own NOTHING outside of your mind. Even your body changes without your say so…

You are not your possessions

(although you may have put all your energies and focus into gathering them) you do not possess or control them. They can be stolen, broken, burned or disappear in an instant .

What makes you think you have any control of them?

Who are YOU without them???  You WILL be without them somewhere down the road so does that mean YOU cease to become YOU once you have seen proof you never owned them in the first place?

You are not your career or titles, bank account or social status

… and it is detrimental to your life that you do NOT consider them as such.

If the economy crashes and your status no longer exists…?

If you experience an accident or disease… ?

If your bank is forced to close with all your money in it…?

If your children, spouse… die and your status within your family is now past tense…?

Do you cease to have value or worth?

Your accumulations and status serve “no-one” but YOUAnd they are NOT lasting… 

You are the only YOU ever to ever touch this earth

You  are unique and very needed.

You have…,and have always had… a purpose beyond self.

Without YOU and your insights, wisdom and true power there is a HOLE,  that will never be filled, and the world will miss out on what could have been.

You have the power to inspire, encourage, teach and serve this place called earth with your talents, wisdom, abilities and insights.

You have the power to create all that is needed to live a REAL life full of joy, freedom, and inspiration for yourself and to serve by teaching others what YOU have discovered.

Leaving a Legacy for all to enjoy and learn from throughout time.

But if you are only here to accumulate stuff and status for “SELF”…

You have missed the whole point of your existence and when you no longer have access to your ideals…,  you “WILL” fall HARD.

“It Is, What It Is”




UNWIND THE LORD says… from this ego you hold

YOU… are not “it”…. let my TRUTH unfold.

You are one Cell… With a PURPOSE so vast

Awaken MY Child… RELEASE all things Past.

Your FORM is not lasting

Your needs are displaced

The things you hold dear

Will soon vanish… no trace

Ego is fickle… empty with lies

It serves you no purpose …to follow… unwise

It blinds you to REAL… keeps your focus on you

Peace won’t be found there…Neither will TRUTH

I AM within… you ‘re a CELL of MY whole


There’s NO separation… between Me and You

Except that your ego… won’t let ME through

Your mind created… its self righteous stand

Closed tightly the door… to what I have planned

Only you have the Key… to open and see

The ONENESS of truth…

I AM in you …You are in ME

CMJordan Oct 1, 2015