If you believe… You are in need

It is a lie

A “want” is NOT… a need

Don’t even try

If you search… the whole world over

You will never find your peace

Deep within are all your answers

Deep within is your release

If you think… that what you see

Is what you get

Toil and anguish… will be yours

sealed with regret

If you search… the whole world over

You will never find your peace

Deep within are all your answers

Deep within is your release

If you feel… you OWN an atom

you are blind

Can’t you see… that ALL things vanish

over time

If you search… the whole world over

You will never find your peace

Deep within are all your answers

Deep within is your release

If you know… you have it all

then you are wise

Your connection to the truth

within… will rise

No search outside is needed

In Rest and Peace… you’ll live

You will never be defeated

Light and Love… is what you’ll give

CMJordan Oct 3, 2015



UNWIND THE LORD says… from this ego you hold

YOU… are not “it”…. let my TRUTH unfold.

You are one Cell… With a PURPOSE so vast

Awaken MY Child… RELEASE all things Past.

Your FORM is not lasting

Your needs are displaced

The things you hold dear

Will soon vanish… no trace

Ego is fickle… empty with lies

It serves you no purpose …to follow… unwise

It blinds you to REAL… keeps your focus on you

Peace won’t be found there…Neither will TRUTH

I AM within… you ‘re a CELL of MY whole


There’s NO separation… between Me and You

Except that your ego… won’t let ME through

Your mind created… its self righteous stand

Closed tightly the door… to what I have planned

Only you have the Key… to open and see

The ONENESS of truth…

I AM in you …You are in ME

CMJordan Oct 1, 2015



No, Love is not the answer here

Though Love’s required plain and clear

Be grateful too

For life “as is”

No focus on

What’s hers or his

The more you give, the more you get

but wait, you’ve not seen nothin yet

The Joy, the Peace

The blessings here

Will overflow your cup

My Dear

Grace and Mercy rest on you

When you purpose, what you do

No thing to gain

No Glory here

But strength to stand

With not a fear

The action?,  “SERVE” with all your heart

Right where you are, is where you start

No one else

Could ever do

What is needed

 “HE” chose you

His timing is perfect, The way is made clear

He speaks from within… and “He” will steer

Your wages are Rest

Still waters run deep

As the day closes

In Green pastures you’ll sleep.

CMJordan, Sept 21, 2015



The purpose is the same for all

Unique to each, as leaves that fall

No 2 the same

Yet 1 the word

To follow through

Seldom heard

But live your purpose and you’ll find

Peace of Spirit and of Mind

No thought of self

No social norm

The action silent

Calms a storm

Some will linger, for some more

Some in fear, will close the door

The day feels brighter

Calm and still

No one but you

This task will fill

You need to trust, within yourself

You know you can’t, sit on the shelf

Without you…

It remains undone

Sad but True

No-one Won

So search real deep for strength and see

Experience makes you “you” and me “me”

Take the action

And just add you

A better world

We’ll all pass through

3/3 coming soon

CMJordan, Sept 21, 2015


   1st of 3


A Purpose Driven Life they say
What is my purpose anyway?
Should I write?
Should I sing?
What are my talents?
What do I bring?

I love my job, my family too
My house, my car, I’m blessed, it’s true
Why the void ?
What will fill?
This empty space
inside me still?

The quest all mankind seeks to solve
until answered, will revolve
around the mind
through the soul
The answer needed
to feel whole

The battle deep within goes on
The many things we tried, long gone
Will I die?
Before I find?
What’s wrong with me ?
That I’m so blind?

So here it is, a little clue
So simple, yet profoundly true
Don’t look for things
through clouded eyes
It is an action
found inside.

2/3 coming soon
CMJordan Sept 15, 2015


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“NOW” is yours to hold and live

Spend “NOW” wisely and forgive

“NOW” is all, that you can claim

Live it fully, Break ALL chains

NOW won’t linger,

 NOW wont last

“NOW” never ends,

“NOW” holds no past

“NOW” has never been, till NOW

and “NOW” won’t be again

You’ve been given all you need for “NOW”

Do you see,  what it contains?

“NOW” is a gift, thats in your hands

How will you use it? What will you plan?

Your “NOW” decides your tomorrow, today

Search deep within, then step out in Faith.

CMJordan, Sept 13, 2015

The ME inside of Me

Birthday Pic

The ME inside of Me

60’s just a number

I want you all to know

The ME inside this human form

Just started Life, and so….

This Form is Filled with Wisdom

I‘ve searched and prayed and learned

I barely even started yet

and I am not concerned…

For the form you see in front of you

will never catch up to ME

But as a dwelling, it’s quite alright

Twas Created Strong and Free

I’m gonna sail the open seas

No concept of dry land

I’ll fill this world with Love and Hope

With open arms and hands…

I’ll share the Truth with all I meet

I’ll Pray and Touch and Heal

The Mind, the Body and the SOUL

and awaken, all, to REAL

CMJordan, Sept 1, 2015